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From Texas, experimental music and sound, the Kable site... rockish, folkish, creepyish ,dreamyish...the many moods of Kable...

The 5th Kable cd, "The Hand" September 2011.


 Deep Dot Records says "Thank you KTRU Radio for keeping "The Hand" in your top 35 for 17 weeks!"

Previous four releases with Fleece Records...




After eleven wonderful years, Fleece Records is no more, so the latest Kable release, "The Hand" is available from Deep Dot. Thank you Kurt Brennan and Fleece Records for allowing Kable to be your first(non-compilation) and your last releases, and all the years in between!

With "The Hand" you will find more of the Kable instrumentation standards; things with strings, twisty knobs, synthesis, boards with keys, and the like. Hope you enjoy! Deep Dot


Tardy All the Time