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From Texas, experimental music and sound, the Kable site... rockish, folkish, creepyish ,dreamyish...the many moods of Kable...

Summer 2013-Videos in the works. Odd nature clips, especially insects, set to Kable music. Expected later this year!
JUNE 4th 2012!  "For Lee Jackson in Space" a compilation in honor of the memory of Lee Jackson who passed away in March due to complications from Lou Gehrig's disease. The comp features 94 bands....that's right 94 all original songs including a new Kable cut! The cost will be $30 for the entire compilation and the proceeds will go to the ALS Foundation to help find a cure... and to help those suffering from the disease. It will be available on Bandcamp and as far as what you will hear, I think the words of Mats Gustafsson, close friend of Lee and co-writer at the Broken Face sum it up well when he was advising for musical content......." Lee’s music taste was very wide and the music we covered in the Broken Face reflected that. We simply covered music that we like, no matter if it was psych, drone, noise, folk, country, blues or whatever so I say…follow your first instinct."

Comments about Kable's "Be Next" from Travis Johnson's Facebook review the songs on the Lee Jackson comp... 
TRACK #39 - Many a bittersweet joy arises from the creation of For Lee Jackson in Space. One such joy is the opportunity to hear musicians we've overlooked prior to all of these loving artists coming together under this particular canopy. Those who knew Lee know he was fiercely dedicated to making sure this happened as seldom as possible. How fitting that this shrine of a compilation should continue his mission to tirelessly document and spread the word about the artists he so adored.
Texas' own Kable is a new discovery to me, and a bit of a surprise given the top-notch quality of Kay Bonya's truly rocking project. Born back in '94 from the itch of recording fever and developed over the years into a tight, eclectic, and very smart enterprise, Kable crafts mood songs that comprise albums that deliver on all sorts of levels. Bonya's contribution to Lee in Space had me hook, line, and sinker, and I suspect grabbed the attention of quite a few of you as well. This is pretty much fuzz pop perfection as far as I'm concerned. Give it a whirl, and don't be shy with the volume. Thank you, Kay!!

Link to Bandcamp Compilation "For Lee Jackson in Space" 94 bands for $30. Proceeds to ALS Foundation.

Thank you DJ Stevil and KUSF-In-Exile for hosting

Kable on the show "Artist Spotlight" Sunday March 11, 2012 !

Click here for a link to the archive of the show "Spotlight Kable"

Click here to listen to KUSF San Francisco...

 Deep Dot Records says "Thank you KTRU Radio for keeping Kable, "The Hand" in your top 35 for 17 weeks!"

The 5th Kable cd, "The Hand" September 2011.


Previous four releases with Fleece Records...




After eleven wonderful years, Fleece Records is no more, so the latest Kable release, "The Hand" is available from Deep Dot. Thank you Kurt Brennan and Fleece Records for allowing Kable to be your first(non-compilation) and your last releases, and all the years in between!

With "The Hand" you will find more of the Kable instrumentation standards; sweet guitars, growling guitars, banjo, mandolin, twisty knobs, percussion derived from alternative sources and the like. Hope you enjoy! Deep Dot


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