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Compilation CD "Risk is Just a Part of the Game"
Houston Rock from 1995 "Risk is Just a Part of the Game"

SQUAT THRUST - Heapin Buttload Overdrive, Nice Song, The Smell of Butt.
POOR DUMB BASTARDS - Organic, Gun Room, Bubba.
SAD PYGMY - Nice Guy, Deep C Fry, Police State.
KABLE - Love Seat and Tiny Feet.
HAPPY FINGERS INSTITUTE - More Intelligent, Cold War Super Hero, Houston Prayer. 
30FOOTFALL - Neartown, Tons O' Guns.
DULL ACHE - Seizure Salad.
RUSTED SHUT - Addiction.
FEARED  ALIEN VOODOO - Kiss of the Hungry Donkey, Dumbfounded.
PAPA GRITT - Dickheads and Dumbasses, Dead Mondays.
THOMAS AYRESOL - Lulu Birthday Song, Kill the Crow.
DRY NOD - Trapped. 

1995 Lazy Squid Records
Item #LSR011

Price $15.00