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About Kable

Kable...Kay Bonya has been making her own brand of music since the 90's...oscillating between guitar-driven rockish cuts, psychological explorations, storytelling and never know which instruments are going to build the song but as each cd progresses, they flesh out into a complete work, encapsulating the many moods of Kable.

A Kable history written by Kay..."Kable's beginnings in June of 1994 were somewhat of a fluke.  I  was asked to check out a piece of used equipment that was just purchased for Deep Dot Studio. It was a Tascam DA88 recording deck. In the garage apartment living room, i looked around for sound-makers to record to each of the 8 tracks. I grabbed a cheap little Tascam M-06 mixer and an autoharp that had most of its strings and strummed a few chords. Good, track one seemed to work. Track by track, i added sound and checked out the new machinery. Seven tracks later,  Redo Makeshift came by to check the progress. "works great-one track left for you!" Redo added some organ and the first Kable song, "Hazy" was born. You might be thinking, "Why not just use the recording studio down the street?" But Deep Dot was having a busy year in '94, so off to Deep Dot went the DA-88, and back to the apartment came a Tascam reel to reel analog TSR8 recorder that wasn't being used at the studio anymore. Now I had recording-fever so i set up in the living room and started  recording  the first Kable cd, Chlorophyll. My technique on this cd was crude. The goal was to start and finish each piece in one day, very limited overdubs, focus on creating sounds more than songs, just spit it out and run. A technique you can only get away with in the beginning, and so i did."

Comments from 2011--Fast forward 17 years and 5 cds later...the Kable sound and technique have progressed somewhat but the focus is still on "making a mood", and the varied instrumentation aspect will probably never change. When I get ready to record a piece, I usually have a starting instrument in mind, and if it doesn't click I scratch the notion and try something else until a mood falls in place. And then there's live Kable shows, which have even a different twist and enrgy when adding in long-time friends and bandmates Redo & Ardo...

What am I up to these days?...finished recording and mastering the 5th Kable cd, "The Hand" now available from Deep Dot Records. This cd was the most refreshing cd to make! I think the spiritual growth I've experienced lately has translated into new creative growth and freedom that allows me to approach the process with more abandon as well as with more thoughtfulness. These two qualities have kind of merged in a way that brings a sonic tension to the music...

  Still dreaming up ways to make new sounds, fiddling with some experimental recording techniques, leading a Tuesday night Gospel singalong with Redo at a local campground/RV park, teaching guitar to children, growing some year-round tomatoes and peppers, taking lots of wildlife/flower photos, still riding my bike................

Kay Bonya's band history before Kable.....
SPLATTER 1987-1991
Rockin outfit with Ronnie(Ron Kenya)Brandon on bass, Jeff(Grave Largo)Walker on drums, Redo Makeshift and Kay Bonya on guitars for the first couple of years until Ron left the band and Redo switched to bass. Jeff Walker currently drums with Texas band Ben Beckendorf, and the whereabouts of Ron Brandon are unknown until someone reads this and lets me know. (Recent Update: Ron Brandon reports that he is living outside of Austin)
More rock/psych with Jeff(Ardo Odra)Bobbitt and Kay making the guitar machine, Redo Makeshift on bass & sometimes keyboards. This outfit was usually drummerless except for a brief and wonderful era when John Kennedy(Mo Shuffles) added his drum/percussionality to the group. John's timing was good because at least he was able to be with the band during the "80's for Aids" fundraiser at Numbers in Houston. After all, you almost have to have a drummer to cover 80's music, right?    J.A. Bobbitt later went on the work in Overlight/Underdark for a while and is now about to release not one but two cd's of his music. Check him out on myspace J A Bobbitt). John Kennedy moved to New York City...not sure who he's working with but I'd like to know if anyone knows...(Recent Update: I've heard from John and I'm listening now to his CDR "If and When" (now available) great music!)
Says Kay, "All these guys were great musicians and excellent band-mates...."

In December of 94, the folks at Lazy Squid Records put out a compilation of Houston bands,"Risk is Just a Part of The Game", as a follow-up to Deep Dot's 1992 compilation, "Great Big Pile." The Kable cut caught the ear of Kurt Brennan, founder of Fleece Records. Finding out that Kable was the work of Kay Bonya, he realized this was the same Kay who used to work at his music store, Record Exchange (now Sound Exchange) several years back.
He invited her to release "Chlorophyll" on Fleece, which turned into a long term partnership with the release of the subsequent discs, "Tardy all the Time," "Kable 3," and "Boar of the Forest".


The artist at work.