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Deep Dot Studio

 Deep Dot Studio 1990-1997  Montrose Blvd. Houston Tx
Owned & Operated by Redo Makeshift & Kay Bonya
Page in progress...I'm trying to list the bands that worked there during its run from 1990 to 1997. 
Any mistakes and omissions are accidental.
Photos below are from 7" vinyl releases.
thanks! kay                                                                                                                                                                                        

1990: Bongtooth, The Mike Gunn, Dry Nod, The Bad Samaritans,

The Poppyseeds, J. Penis, Uri Thrall, Hip Cats Alley, Jimmy Gil & Cindy, Eardrum, Bob Josey & Reid, Splatter,

Personality Crisis.



1991: Personality Crisis, Bad Samaritans, Concrete Jungle, J. Penis, Trailor Trash, Brown Paper Dog, Splatter, Bob Josey, Secret Goldfish, C. R. S., E Coli, Ragdoll, Ninth Day Underground, Under the Sun, From Now On, Mark Deany, Goodstreet, Dixie Waste, Eighth Day, R.P.M., De Schmog, Steve Ribnikar,

Big Texas Radio, Toho Ehio, Incision, Peglegasus.





1992: Big Texas Radio, E Coli, Ragdoll, Peglegasus, Goodstreet, Voodoo Chile,

Humungus, Billy West, De Schmog, J. Penis, Ninth Day Underground,

Rusted Shut, Personality Crisis, Bob Josey, R.P.M., Voice of Eye, Blunt, Iconoclast, Sad Pygmy, Descendence,   

Toxic Karma, Retardo Al Dante,  Under the Sun, Manhole, Frank Frombach, Steve Ribnikar, Sons of Adam,

Katy the Frog Lady, Dixie Waste, Keith Collins, Squat Thrust, Brown Paper Dog, Bloodsickle, Humungus, Feared Alien Voodoo, Rick Eyk, Rotten Piece, Mortal Corpse, Pus, Dry Nod, Westbound, Pinned, Pam Cummings, Sugarshack, Noodle, Wake, Cyclops Joint.



1993: Cyclops Joint, Dixie Waste, Dry Nod, Personality Crisis, Rotten Piece, Sad Pygmy,

The Walk Ins, Humungus, Bloodsickle, Frank Frombach, The Antics, Twin Blades,

Rusted Shut, Sourball, Spectrum, Roberto Cofesi, Rug Rash, Poor Dumb Bastards,

Monster Soup, Squat Thrust, Steve Delaune, Big Texas Radio, Machine Face,

Sacred Cows, Billy Black, Retardo Al Dante, Tiltawhirl, Feared Alien Voodoo,

Candyblindtwister, Turmoil in the Toybox, Tommy DarDar, Humungus w/ Cheetah Chrome,

Rick Eyk, Facedown, Duckbutter, The Last Wish, Thomas Ayresol,

Wilcrest, Woody's Jukebox, Buddah on the Moon, Dynamutt, Loggerhead, Cross Eyed Agnes,

Ray Pitts.



1994: Buddah on the Moon, Lozenge, Personality Crisis, Sad Pygmy, The Antics, The Last Wish,

E Coli, Humungus, Willis, Manhole, Papa Gritt, Thomas Ayresol, Clay Howell, Four Bolt Main,

Loggerhead, Retardo Al Dante, Scott Ayers, The Poppyseeds, The Awful Truth, Willis,

Chapter 22, The Diana Foundation, Carl Sandin, Humungus w/ Cheetah Chrome, Pillow,

Rick Eyk, Resin Day, Feared Alien Voodoo, Vintage Spirit, The Walk Ins, 30 Foot Fall,

Grand Wazoo, Dixie Waste, Bob Josey, Bood Gand, E Coli, Dry Nod, Steve Ribnikar,

Sound Virus Records, Ethnic Rain, Rubber, Rusted Shut, The New Satans, Patrick White, Atlas,

Sacred Cows, Austin Wilde, Spunk, Moobar, Saltwater, Bleachbath, Shaft, Vice Grip, Dynamutt,

Taste of Garlic, The Numb, Ethos, Eighth Day.





1995: Dry Nod, The Last Wish, Vintage Spirit, Fleece Records, HK, Spectrum,

Thomas Ayresol, Bleachbath, Dead Horse, Skillit, Loggerhead, Rugrash, Sad Pygmy,

Big Horny Hustler, Vice Grip, Clover, Humungus, The Mike Gunn, Dixie Waste, Scott Ayers,

30 Foot Fall, Atlas, Chris Perry, Chapter 22, June's Sun, Stick in the Mud, Mark Fain,

Monster Soup, Under the Sun, Personality Crisis, Cornerpiece, Perilous Wits, Billye Bowman,

De Schmog, Feared Alien Voodoo, Rusted Shut, HK & Ryan, Roberto & Vaugn.


1996: Feared Alien Voodoo, Broken Note Records, Dance Macabre, Clay Howell, HK & Ryan,

Peterbuilt, Project Grimm, Vitamen, Clutch Cargo, Dixie Waste, Mark Fain, Moobar,

Project Grimm, Roberto Cofesi, Libertine, Equizz, Austin Wilde, BB Knight, Dry Nod,

Eighth Day, Fletcher, Perilous Wits, Ryan Hess, Simply Fabulous, De Schmog, HK, Julie,

Hoss, Middlefinger, Man or God, River Fenix, Chapter 22, Ozium, Rotten Piece, Flaming Hellcats,

Fleece Records, Mr. Fingerwood, Little Saviours, Shag, Rick Thompson, Steve Ribnikar,

Humungus, Mortal Corpse, Texas Guiness Lovers, Steve Delaune, Droplet.

Great Big Pile - 16 Houston Bands from 1992

1997: Termite invasion shuts down the Dot and bugs eat all data...

Sad Pygmy "Unimpressed"
Toxic Karma "16 String Strangler"
Dixie Waste "Sam Hill"
Humungus "The Politically Correct Song"
Mortal Corpse "Emerging War"
Manhole "Neurotica"
Voodoo Chile "Candlestick"
Personality Crisis "Long Way To Go"
Big Texas Radio "Motor City"
Sons of Adam "I Don't Mind"
De Schmog "C.O.T.S."
Feared Alien Voodoo "Succumb"
Retardo Al Dante "Juicy Lucy"
Squat Thrust "Math"
Rusted Shut "Kill"

Feb. 2011 Update... Redo & I just found out of a name mix-up on the 1997
Steve Ribnikar release, "Honky Tonk Diary".
Brian Davis, please accept our apologies!
The liner notes list Brian Jones as a drummer, when it should have said Brian Davis as a drummer on the recording.
Very sorry for the mistake.