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Kable CD "The Hand"

Price $12.00 


Kable CD "Chlorophyll"

Price $12.00 


Kable CD "Tardy All the Time"

Price $12.00 

Kable CD "3"

Price $12.00 


Kable CD "Boar of the Forest"

Price $12.00 


Kable Xtras - Bookmarks Set A

Price $8.00 

Kable Xtras - Bookmarks Set B

Price $8.00 


Compilation CD "Risk is Just a Part of the Game"

Price $15.00 


Compilation CD "Great Big Pile"

Price $15.00 

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 the HandKable "The Hand" Released September 2011 $12.00

boar.jpg.jpgKable "Boar of the Forest" 2006 $12 Discography

kable3coverpt1jpeg.jpgKable CD "3" $12.00 2001 Discography

tardy.jpgKable CD "Tardy all the Time" 1998 $12.00 Discography

chlorophyllcoveragain.jpgKable CD "Chlorophyll" 1995 $12.00 Discography

gbp.jpgTHE Great Big Pile...16 Bands!- Underground Houston Music from 1992 $15.00
Fifty percent of the proceeds received from your purchase of this cd will be donated to Houston's Star of Hope homeless shelter!

risk.jpeg"Risk is Just a Part of the Game"
Houston Rock Compilation from 1995 $15.00